Cosmetology is a growing field with a positive job outcome. A license in Cosmetology
can be very rewarding, both in personal satisfaction and in potential earnings. Discover how cosmetology training can prepare you to take advantage of a wide choice of career opportunities. A career in cosmetology is within your reach . . . in less than a year at Millennium Academy of Hair.
The objective of the Cosmetology course is to develop in the student the practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitudes for success in the profession and to qualify and equip the student to pass the Connecticut State Board licensing examination. After a graduate successfully passes the Connecticut State Board licensing exam, he or she is qualified to work as a licensed cosmetologist in any licensed facility in Connecticut. A licensed cosmetologist may cut hair, perform hair styling, perform phases of manicuring, apply makeup and give skin care (within the scope of the license) for profit.
Our cosmetology program can be completed in a few months of full time attendance. Approximately 340 hours of the course time is devoted to technical instruction, which consists of various learning activities in a classroom situation. The balance of the course time is devoted to practical operations, in which students develop and practice cosmetology skills under the supervision of licensed instructors in actual working conditions.